Boodler Downloads

At present, Boodler 2.0 is available only as source code. See the installation docs for what to do with it.

Boodler's sounds and soundscapes are now collected in the Boodler package library. See the documentation on using Boodler.

Boodler Extras

Some scripts that make Boodler better, but which are not yet part of the source distribution:

  • A graphical interface for Boodler, written in the PyQt4 toolkit. Contributed by Tuukka Hastrup. (Git source repository)
  • bash_completion.d/boodler: A bash tab-completion script for Boodler packages. Unix shell power-users can use this by dropping it into /etc/bash_completion.d. Contributed by Axel Gross.

Older Boodler

The original version of Boodler, and all its accoutrements, are available from the Boodler 1 page.