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I've just released an iPhone app which is based on Boodler. It's my own rendering of the one-hour thunderstorm concept: Pocket Storm.

You'll notice that I've uploaded new sound packages to the site, as well. These are the sound files that make up Pocket Storm. They're all freshly downloaded from, with clean license and attribution information in the package metadata. (For a one-page summary of the sounds in Pocket Storm, see this page.)

This app does not contain Boodler itself -- that would require compiling Python for iOS, which is not impossible, but I didn't want to do it. Instead, I've ported a subset of the Boodler algorithm, plus the native C code in the sound mixer, to Objective C.

I'm not releasing that ObjC port as open source, I'm afraid. (This is a money-grubbing sort of app.) However, I do want to give something back to the community. The new sound packages are one part of that. Also, a percentage of the App Store revenue from Pocket Storm will be donated to the Freesound project.

Posted 2012-09-04 23:18 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

This is a very minor update.

  • Removed the ".py" suffixes from the boodler, boodle-mgr, and boodle-event scripts. (In other words, you're not invoking the script by typing "" any more, just "boodler".)
  • Used the modern set class, where available, to avoid a deprecation warning on Python 2.6.

(Артём Попов, putting together a Debian package, nudged me to remove the ".py" suffixes. It makes sense; I just never thought about it.)

Oh, almost forgot -- I updated a couple of the packages, too. Just bug fixes. See the package list on the front page.

Posted 2011-03-07 13:59 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)
  • Fixed, or worked around, a bug that prevented --testsound from working on Python 2.6.
  • Adjusted the package creation tool to skip .pyc files, and anything that looks like compiled code. It will now also skip redundant package requirements, and warn about any package which is required in two different ways.
  • Added a JACKB driver: the JACK audio system, using the Bio2Jack library. (I'm not convinced that Bio2Jack is the right way to go, which is why I didn't call this one "JACK". It produces deprecation warnings when building with the latest JACK library.)
  • Adjusted the listen module to work on Windows, unless the --stdinevents option is used. (That option requires the fcntl module, which is not available on Windows.)
Posted 2009-11-18 00:34 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

Axel Gross posted a bash tab-completion script for Boodler modules. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it -- you're not a command-line Unix geek. If you are, this allows you to do tab completion on the packages and agents in your collection. Drop the file into /etc/bash_completion.d to use it.

Posted 2009-11-15 18:34 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

If you're reading this on the web site, look up one line to see the new toy. If you're on RSS, click through... I'll wait...

The front page now shows the most recently added Boodler packages. It links to a complete, if simple, web-site database of the package collection. No search yet, but I'll get to it.

Notice that the package database has its own RSS feed.

Posted 2009-10-17 14:46 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

Tuukka Hastrup has written a small Python script which acts as a GUI for Boodler, listing your installed agents and letting you select one to play.

This requires the PyQt4 library (Qt toolkit, Python interface), which you're not likely to have unless you're a Linux user. So it's not mass-market, but it is the very first graphical Boodler interface, and that's cool. Thanks!

Download the script:

EDIT 9/25: The author is maintaining a source directory at

Posted 2009-09-20 00:55 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

Only very minor cosmetic changes, but all-new software underneath. Please let me know if you see any problems. You can email me personally or on the mailing list.

Posted 2009-09-07 17:20 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

At some point over this weekend, I will take down to upgrade the server software. (I'm installing the latest versions of Django and Sphene.)

Expect erratic behavior and random failures until I get it all working again. I've been testing the upgrade on a dev server, so it should all work smoothly, right? Right. I'll post again when life is good.

Posted 2009-09-04 18:58 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)
  • Fixed the --default-driver option in, which broke at some point.
  • ALSA: fixed bug where the last moment of a soundscape would be cut short.
  • MACOSX: fixed bug where the first moment of a soundscape could skip a little.
  • Added a OSXAQ driver (based on code contributed by Aaron Griffith). This is recommended on MacOSX 10.5 and later. Also compatible with the iPhone.
  • Added a PULSE driver, for the PulseAudio sound system used in (Linux) Ubuntu 8.
Posted 2009-01-28 21:24 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

Fixed a few annoying glitches which prevented Boodler from working under Python 2.3.5.

I've also added Boodler to the Cheese Shop, Python's central registry of Python software.

Posted 2009-01-14 22:29 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)
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