Pocket Storm for iOS

I've just released an iPhone app which is based on Boodler. It's my own rendering of the one-hour thunderstorm concept: Pocket Storm.

You'll notice that I've uploaded new sound packages to the site, as well. These are the sound files that make up Pocket Storm. They're all freshly downloaded from Freesound.org, with clean license and attribution information in the package metadata. (For a one-page summary of the sounds in Pocket Storm, see this page.)

This app does not contain Boodler itself -- that would require compiling Python for iOS, which is not impossible, but I didn't want to do it. Instead, I've ported a subset of the Boodler algorithm, plus the native C code in the sound mixer, to Objective C.

I'm not releasing that ObjC port as open source, I'm afraid. (This is a money-grubbing sort of app.) However, I do want to give something back to the community. The new sound packages are one part of that. Also, a percentage of the App Store revenue from Pocket Storm will be donated to the Freesound project.

Posted 2012-09-04 23:18 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf) in Boodler News