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Available on the Boodler home page.

  • Added LAME MP3 driver.

  • Updated the ALSA driver to work with the modern Linux API. (Thanks to Jason McBrayer for testing.)

  • Fixed setup script to compile OSS correctly on BSD.

  • Changed the license of the cboodle module (but not the rest of Boodler) to be usable as either GPL or LGPL. (Satisfies the conditions of LAME, which is a GPL library.)

Posted 2007-09-28 23:30 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

Available on the Boodler home page.

This is functionally similar to the old 1.5.3 release; it's not the all-dancing all-new system. That's in progress. But I have made serious improvements in the distribution:

  • Boodler is now built and installed with a standard Python distutils script. This alone should make life easier for everybody.

  • Boodler now builds every output module that it can build, instead of just one. You can select an output driver when you run it.

  • New Ogg Vorbis and Shoutcast output drivers, contributed by Aaron Griffith.

  • An output driver which writes straight to stdout. You can pipe this into ices or an equivalent audio streaming client.

  • On the Mac, if you have more than one sound device, you can select any of them for output.

Posted 2007-09-16 21:25 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)
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