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  • Fixed the --default-driver option in, which broke at some point.
  • ALSA: fixed bug where the last moment of a soundscape would be cut short.
  • MACOSX: fixed bug where the first moment of a soundscape could skip a little.
  • Added a OSXAQ driver (based on code contributed by Aaron Griffith). This is recommended on MacOSX 10.5 and later. Also compatible with the iPhone.
  • Added a PULSE driver, for the PulseAudio sound system used in (Linux) Ubuntu 8.
Posted 2009-01-28 21:24 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

Fixed a few annoying glitches which prevented Boodler from working under Python 2.3.5.

I've also added Boodler to the Cheese Shop, Python's central registry of Python software.

Posted 2009-01-14 22:29 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)

After many months of delay (some would say "years")... it's Boodler 2.0. Check out the documentation and download links, to the right.

With this release, becomes the central Boodler web site. My old Boodler page on will redirect here.

Boodler 2.0 features a complete redesign of the sound and sound-effect libraries. No more horsing around with environment variables. Instead, you download .boop packages from this web site, install them, and they work. Or rather, you run the new Boodler package-management script -- it does all of that for you, automatically.

All of the classic Boodler sounds and soundscapes have been reformatted into .boop packages. We look forward to many contributions to come.

Posted 2009-01-12 23:02 by Andrew Plotkin (zarf)
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