This wiki uses John Gruber's Markdown formatting language.

See Markdown syntax for the full formatting rules. Here are some highlights:

  • Paragraphs can be line-wrapped or not. Blank lines divide paragraphs. To force a line break, end a line with two spaces.
  • <URL> for a bare URL link. [text](URL) for a link with the given label text. (These are external links; see below for wiki links.)
  • *emphasis*; **strong emphasis** (also works with underscores)
  • # Header for a header; ## Level 2 Header, etc.
  • --- for a horizontal rule
  • > Line... for block quote (can be extended over many lines)
  • * Line... for a bulleted list (or - Line..., or + Line... -- all equivalent)
  • 1. Line... for a numbered list (you will get sequential numbers, regardless of what numbers you use in the markup)
  • Tab or four spaces at the beginning of a line for a code block quote. (Fixed-width, and you can use literal <, >, & inside code.)
  • `backticks` for a bit of code inside a normal paragraph
  • Put a backslash before any character on this list that you don't want interpreted by Markdown.

The wiki's version of Markdown differs from the spec in a few ways:

  • Wiki links are text in [square brackets]. The link text is not case-sensitive. CamelCase text is not automatically linkified.
  • To give a label to a wiki link, use a vertical bar: [Markdown|Information about formatting]
  • Raw HTML tags are not allowed. If you can't do it in Markdown syntax, you're stuck. Sorry; I will loosen this restriction when there's a need and when I understand scripting attacks well enough to guarantee they're blocked.
  • {redirect target="DEST"} redirects to the named wiki page. (The redirect link should be the only thing on the page, since nobody will see the rest of the page anyhow.)
  • {img id="NUM"} displays an inline image. The id=NUM should be the number of the attachment on that page which you want to display. You can also specify alt, align, width, and height attributes.

If you want to practice editing pages, use the Sandbox page.

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