Wiki Feature Requests

This wiki is a very lightweight piece of Django code called Sphene.

It doesn't have a lot of features, particularly if you're used to MediaWiki. On the other hand, it's easy for me to patch in new code. So feel free to toss ideas on this page.

  • Done : Wiki search

  • A macro which lists the pages in a category. (Categories are a single-inheritance hierarchy in this wiki; you could have User/Erkyrath and User/Zarf, which would be in the User category.)

  • Give everybody a User/ID page. (Link with Sphene profiles? Once I add Sphene profiles.)

  • Done : Anticollision. (If someone edits a page while you're editing it, you will get a warning when you save.)

  • Case normalization for new links. (If you put [a few words] in a page, the link-to-create URL should be for "A Few Words".) (Was done in old web site, but fell out when I updated to the newest Sphene release.)

  • The image macro should be able to refer to attachments of a different page.

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