Boodler: Installation

Boodler uses the standard Python distutils system for building and installation.


First, download and unpack the source code from the Boodler web site.

Boodler is written in Python; you must have a Python interpreter installed on your system in order to run it. (Python version 2.3.5 or later is recommended. No, it doesn't work in Python 3.)

Boodler can generate audio output in any of several forms, each of which is defined by a driver module:

Boodler will compile all of these drivers that it can find libraries for. If you have a Mac, CoreAudio is available if you have the Mac Developer Tools installed. On Linux, one of OSS, ESD, or ALSA is likely to be available.

The contents of the archive

If you list the source directory, you will see the following arrangement:

A script which compiles and installs Boodler on your machine.
If you want to modify the installation process, you can put changes here.
The Boodler program itself. This Python script starts up the Boodler engine.
A script for installing and managing Boodler soundscape components.
A simple script for sending network events to Boodler.
The source code for Boodler. This includes Python code, and also some native C code which is needed to resample sound data efficiently.
A few optional configuration files.
This documentation.

Building Boodler

  1. Type python build.

    This tries to figure out the configuration of your system, and compiles the Boodler modules which can be compiled.

  2. Type sudo python install.

    This installs Boodler in the system's Python directory. The sudo command will ask you for your password, which the setup script needs to write to a system directory. If you want to install to a different directory, you could instead type:

    python install --prefix directory

Testing Boodler out

Try this command:

boodler --testsound

You should hear a quick melody of test tones -- first alternating between left and right channels, and then playing in both.

You can now begin using Boodler.

If it doesn't work

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